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Sunday 23 Apr 2017
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Printers and Unions
Printers and Unions - The Pressrooms PDF Print E-mail
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Printers and Unions
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The Pressrooms

Pressmen were amongst the first in the industry to organise into a trade union that only admitted those who had served an apprenticeship. The London Union of Pressmen (LUP) formed in 1834 and then split in 1875 when its secretary formed an alternative organisation referred to as the Amalgamation which was more trade union orientated than the LUP, which was a club controlling certain job vacancies. Relationships between the Amalgamation and the LUP were poor with the two refusing to recognise each other. In 1879 the Amalgamation changed its title to the Amalgamated Association of Pressmen. In 1891 the LUP joined the Amalgamated Association whose members in December 1925 voted to dissolve the Association and join the Printing Machine Branch of the NUPBMR&PW.

The Platen Machine Minders Society (PMMS), part of the growth of trade unions amongst non-craft workers, was formed in London in 1890. Its members worked on the new platen presses that printed single-sheet stationery, posters and handbills. In 1912 its members voted against merger with the PMMTS but although merger talks restarted in 1914, they made little progress. Eventually in 1924 the PMMS joined the Printing Machine Branch of the NUPBMR&PW.

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