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Sunday 23 Apr 2017
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Printers and Unions
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Printers and Unions
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Other Workers

Until 1926, circulation representatives of newspapers were members of the NUPBMR&PW’s London Central Branch. One result of the 1926 general strike was that circulation representatives, including circulation managers, split from the London Central Branch to create the Circulation and Publishing Association. In 1931, circulation representatives of newspapers returned to the NUPB&PW as a new branch entitled the Travellers and Circulation Branch.

In 1961, the Book Edge Guilders’ Trade Society members transferred into the London Bookbinders Branch of the NUPB&PW. It had been founded in 1889 and organised those who gilded and polished with an agate the edges of books. In the following year, two other unions joined the NUPB&PW – the Monotype Casters and Type founders and the Paper mould and Dandy Roll Makers’ Society. The last named union’s members made the “dandy rolls” which had a raised wire design that was incorporated with the papermaking machine and run lightly upon wet pulp to produce a watermark. The “dandy rolls” at that time made the watermark in banknotes, passports, driving licences, government document and cup final tickets. In July 1963 the Pattern Card Makers’ Society founded in Manchester in 1865, transferred its 176 members into the NUPB&PW. Its member’s jobs were skilled and included assembling “swatches” of clothes into pattern cards, the operation of serration machines and mounting ranges of dyed clothes. The Society’s membership was dependent on the cotton industry for their work.

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